Hi, i have a eth sup. vortex shield just need some help with it. d


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Hi, i have a eth sup. vortex shield just need some help with it.

Wondering so i dont mess it up with the sockets. My pally could use it badly on ladder he sucks and my friend says he can loan me runes to make exile

where do i go to get 4 sockets in it? Hell Larzuk



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The Larzuk quest reward (in any difficulty) should give you 4 sockets on that shield.

What are the auto-mods?


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Def: 297


27% enhance Damage
35 to attack rating
increase max dur 12%

not sure if it those are good mods im nubz with items that can be a runeword but still cool :)

o yeah thx for the info


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i believe u can find better. The 27% ed is a bit low and its not superior (edit - it doesnt have % more defense is what i mean.. increase durability is a pretty useless mod since all exiles are indestructible) =)
Most paladins look for +resists on their shields and high defense.
Then again, if u really want to use an exile why not make it in that shield?
Having an exile is better not having one. Just stating u may be able to find something better if u search hard enough


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Larzuk should u give the maximum socoted for the item... i'll give u a list of socoted for some items:

Unique, 1 soc (Brown)
Set, 1 soc (Green)
magic, 1 soc (Yellow)
magical, Not sure about this one :mad: (Blue)
Normal, Max soc for the item! (Example: BP, 3 sox. Dusk, 4 sox. Berserker axe, 6 sox. etc.)

I'll hope this will help u for future socoted problem's, and cous ur shield is normal (suprerior same as normal) should it get 4 sox.



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thx for the information

and i know it suxxors :) but its my first major find on L.. i havnt been playing for long on L so everything is gold!!


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thegiantturtle said:
Incorrect. They have a repairs durability mod. In practice, I don't know if it would be possible to break one, but still...
Since a shield loses durability when you take/defelect damage, and an elite Exile shield (coupled w/ Holy Shield) will increase your defense rating significantly, the self-repair mod is more than adequate to keep up with the incoming carnage.