Hi I am Dolph and this is IIAPAFSNIAHR


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Hi I am Dolph and this is IIAPAFSNIAHR

Well, since I havent made an intro yet I might aswell do it together with IIAPAFSNIAHR.
My name is Mattias and I live in Luleå which is in north of sweden. I am 16 years old and main interest is Ultimate Frisbee and skiing, and I guess I like diablo 2 also :)

On to the fun part:


The name: Is It A Plane? A Flying Saucer? No It's A Hammer, Run!!!

Stats: Str 70, Dex 95, Vit 205, Ene 15
Life: 931
Mana 533

20 BH
20 Conc
20 Blessed Aim
20 Vigor
06 Holy Shield
01 In all pre-req

Helm: Peasant Crown
Amulet: Stone Collar +1 pala skills, FR 24%, 15 mana
Weapon: Wizard Spike
Armor: Venom Ward (Stop laughing, I like the gold color on my res.)
Shield: Death Guard, Crown Shield +2 pala, All res +24
Gloves: Death Grasp, Sharkskin Gloves LR 30%, FR 19%
Ring1: Raven Frost
Ring2: Bitter Hold +36 mana, CR 13%, 10%FCR
Belt: Cruel Harness LR 12%, CR 18%
Boots: Pain Brogues FR 34%, CR 24%, +6 Dex, 30 FRW

This guy is untwinked and SCL.
My first Patriarch on single player. Pretty proud of him.
Didnt have much problem anywhere, The gloam types were easier than I had expected but still a bit of dodging was needed. The worst part in my questing was the levels between act 1 and end of act 3 when I could use my hammer efficiently.
A really fun build, even thouh it is pretty much as cookie cutter you can get.
Dont know what more to write so, yeah. Im done.


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Congrats on the Pat. Even more so that that: Congrats on the name! That must be the coolest char name around! :lol:


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Well 'welcome to the SPF!' even if you're not new! :howdy:

And congrats on the Pat! :clap: Nice name too.


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Welcome :p 1600 spams before introducing, :lol:

And have a :drink: on me at the EMB, heck i throw one in for "whats his name to"


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*lone_wolf tar bussen till luleå*

nah not really. im alredy far up in the north as far as im concerned

ohh and congrats on the pat and i dont think we will ever have a problem knowing who that char belongs too;)

Kolor Klown

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welcome dolph...looking at your post I know for sure you ain't new to rpgforums. Well, congrats on your first SP pat!


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Welcome! Always nice to see another Ultimate Disc player in the forum! :howdy:

Great work on the Pat! :clap:


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Congrats on the pat! :clap:


Welcomet to the SPF, SGWHBHQALT! Enjoy your stay here!:)

SGWHBHQALT = Swedish Guy Who Has Been Here Quite A Long Time


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Welcome Dolph, and congratulations on your new Patriarch.

Sounds like you should drop by at the EMB for an age appropriate celebratory drink - on me, of course.


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Congrats on the pat Dolph :)

I think it's the first SPF SC ladder pat btw, as I haven't patted mine yet just settled for the runs heh


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Congrats! That's an exciting achivement.

Welcome, also. :) And Ultimate rocks my world so hard. Such a great sport.