Hi i´m new ^^


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Hi i´m new ^^

Hi there, i´m a former player, haven´t played for about 2 years now so I lost all my stuff. I decided to begin with a summoner, do you think that´s a good idea? I mainly wanted to do a summoner because I didn´t have any items, do you guys think that´s the way to go?

I also tried to make a hammerdin earlier but at about lvl 65 he died because he was really low on resistances.

I play on Europe hardcore ladder and i´m searching for guys to play with, I prefer playing with pure or untwinked players, much more fun :)

*RassiKaffi if you are interrested or want some help/want to help :thumbsup:


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hey there! welcome to the forums.
hammerdins are pretty cool but really expensive, fist you should go and finds some items. summoner is cool because he is safe. the skellys do everything and you only collect the items.
anyways hope you enjoy your stay :thumbsup: