Hi guys.


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A bit about me - I loved D2 as a kid and have not really touched it for about 11 or 12 years now. It's a special day for me today so seeing as I have the day off of work, I thought I would re-purchase a copy of D2 and LOD and just jump right back into the game again. I forgot basically everything about builds and classes and stuff, but I just wanted to jump back in for old times sake, and hopefully film a few videos for my YouTube channel that I just started up.

Anyway, I hope to make a few friends on this forum to team up with some day. I have a mic, discord and I'm always looking for people to play with so if you are interested in doing some runs, hit me up.

Thanks guys, see you in game!


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Hello, I hear in-game a lot of poeple has been doing the same thing. Playing d2 after 10or so years and jumping back into it. If your planning on playing for a good amount of time ( but nothing excessive) then I wouldn't mind adding you as I'm looking for players to be friend on d2.

apple juice

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Hello together,

one more player here who will start the adventure again after more or less 10 years abstinence.
I'm also looking for people to do some comfortable rounds in dII.
I'm downloading the game at the moment and will start after that.
So If you are interest please send me a message with you acc and i will call you.

I'm not a native english speaker and need some practice. I think it will be funny on the e.g. teamspeak :)

Thank you, cu


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hi there. I've just started playing d2 after many years of absence as well. what realm are you all playing on? I'm on US West. Would like to befriend some honest, helpful players to play with and help each other out.

Greg hawkins

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Hi all , Im also returning to d2 after a 11-12 year break , please feel free to add me or drop me a message for some D2 re-discovery :)
I'll be mainly on the EU server .