hi everyone!


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hi everyone!

hey to everyone on the sp forum!! :howdy:

this is my first post, i've been playing diablo 2 since it first came out (as well as diablo when it first came out) and i've been lurking around this forum incognito for about the past 6 months n decided it was about time to prance out in to the light n introduce myself.....

im a 22 year old aussie, i've just made my first 1.10 patriarch (Dartelice - CLVL 84 hammerdin).
i have to thank all u diablo gurus for all ur advice n sharing of ur infinite knowledge over the past few months :worship: its way too addictive on here!


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MUAHAHAHA We caught another one in our trap ..... you can never escape now :)

Welcome to the forum!


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Welcome to the SPF. :howdy:

I like your avatar. It is from one of my favorite cards. :thumbsup: