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Hi –I think it's time for me to finally post something in appreciation of this forum.

Like most of you, and having been addicted to D1 already, I started when it came out and never really stopped. Getting bored every once in a while, but in particular studying and actually building a life meant it's kind of an on and off relationship of course, and the arrival of D3 - which I also played a lot (too much) as far as time allowed – I thought would mark the end of my thing for D2.

Due to the incredible boringness of D3 and lack of interesting end game goals I fired up D2 again about 4 months ago. I've never seriously played in 1.13 – and actually only found out now when I came back to the game how HR drop rates have been increased, like, years ago. In my previous crazy D2 farming phases I had already found all the super rare items I ever wanted. Well no, not Tyrael's Might – but the useful ones anyway like Griffon's, Death's Fathom, Death's Web, Windforce etc.

But high-end runewords as a self-found SP player (or more than, say, one every ten years) - to me that always seemed light years out of reach. So you can imagine I was excited to find out it was possible now. Super motivated I did a stupid amount of LK runs in the evenings, adding in the occasional Travincal or cow or CS run. And I couldn't believe what happened, how within weeks it was possible to fulfil the dreams of 10+ D2 years. I mean, I did have a few low HRs/high mid-level runes, but really: Weeks, as in, less than two months, to build Infinity, Enigma, Grief, Fortitude, CoH and some other stuff. Especially Infinity and Enigma essentialy made Diablo 2 an entirely new game for me - in late 2016, mind you. While still going for the occasional rune run, I then proceeded to get back to all-around farming. I guess everybody has to start tackling this Tyrael's Might thing at some point after all. I built the infamous MF Zerker MF Barb, AT and Trav Sorcs, p8 Pit/Cow Necro.. as well as many "non-optimised" general gameplay builds which to me are really a lot of fun with quite a bit of new items like Fury Druid, good ol' Zeal Pala, Trapsin, Rift Sin...

To get to the point though: Without this forum I wouldn't have been able to achieve any of that. I feel I've come a very long way in a very short period of time, and that is due to all the super sophisticated tips, statistics or other information gathered from this community: Whether it was about efficient rune finding (LK vs Travincal vs Cows vs CS..), MF effifiency (which class, which build, where etc.), I'm sure I would still be pissed that Java couldn't kill LIs and my former favourite Palas and Barbs would be parked all the way down the Char list forever. And it's not like I was a total beginner before I came here.


After picking up D2 again and a lot of lurking (over many years, but especially last few months) it felt like I should let you know how amazingly helpful you guys are for someone getting back to the game. Also I've been thinking about starting to trade, even though so far I'm rather proud to be 100% self-found to be honest, but it's just getting so hard to find upgrades. So I thought I could introduce myself anyway. Anyway, great to see this game is still alive and thanks for doing all the work to keep it that way. :)


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I dropped d2 for years as well, but kept lurking around these forums. Great story to hear! After reading, I might need to start focusing more of my time in 1.13 rune hunting.. :rolleyes:
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Welcome here :). Great post, really nice of you to come out here and write what you did.

Seems like you have done quite some reading and running already. May I take the liberty to still point you to a few threads, either because they might still contain some new wisdom for you (information keeps on changing, being added, ...) or because you might want to post in them / join them?

  • increasing my efficiency in D2: a lot of useful info on mf runs, rune runs, crafting, farming certain areas, and lots more. Helped me a great deal
  • IFT September 2015: seems like you have already found / made some cool stuff. Post them here. We can never get enough of it.
  • Grail table: since you are hunting for that Tyrael's, you'll probably have found loads of S/U by now. Just let us know just how many you are still missing. By doing so, you'll only motivate us to keep on looking for those S/U as well.
  • Eth Grail Table: I particulary like this one, because even when things seem to have come to an halt (xp grind on the way to 99, no good runes, no more regular grailers), there's still a chance you'll be able to improve your eth grail. And who knows score that perfect eth, which in turn makes you think about becoming a Zod God ;).
  • the road to 99: if you are out of goals, why not join us and take a character to 99, untwinked? If you have a character that has found all his or her gear by himself or herself, so not having used any gear found by other characters of yours, you can even throw that character in the challenge right away. If not, you can still try to do it twinked, as many (but not that many) have done before you.
  • Winter RFL: still plenty of time on this first round (and everybody has been having terrible luck with runes anyway ;)), so why not join us on this rune finding tournament, held over 3 stages?
Again welcome, and have fun :).


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Thanks! Well I hope I'll find a few more good items to post. :) Untwinked 99 - maybe some time, but I seriously doubt I have the patience haha especially since I've been playing a lot recently.. I can only do so much grinding before I need a break.

But since I'm playing quite a bit at the moment, and farming all kinds of areas, I guess I might as well join the RFL and have some competitive fun with it. ;) Will sign up!


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I dropped d2 for years as well, but kept lurking around these forums. Great story to hear! After reading, I might need to start focusing more of my time in 1.13 rune hunting.. :rolleyes:
Oh and I might need to do 1.07 to get some of that super imba jewelry at some point :)


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Sorry, no avatar for me! Just like I never joined the tattoo craze of all my hipster friends. :)

EDIT: @ffs does your forum name stand for what I think it means (and what I use that acronym for)?

For F**ks Sake?
I'm a well-mannered and reputable young professional, so I'm not going to comment. ;)

Actually thanks that you necro'ed this thread though, I got a little nostalgic reading through it! This made me chuckle, responding to @T72on1 suggesting (among other things) that I should join the 99er fun:

Untwinked 99 - maybe some time, but I seriously doubt I have the patience
Next year: One done, second is approaching 97. :)


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That's OK, when accounting for diminishing returns on my MF chars that's negligible and a small price to pay. :p