Hi All


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Hi All

Just introducing myself. My name is Tony.

I have been hanging out in he HC forum mostly. Began playing Diablo wayyyyyy back. Played some single player D2 then a friend introduced me to battle.net. Had fun there for awhile but it got boring and Im rediscovering my love for this game in Single player and untwinked play. That is why I stumbled in here, LOL.

Im a father of 2 (14/10). My son (10) also plays D2 and we have a blast playing together.

Will be great interacting with you all. Hopefully I can bring some positive ideas and observation to the forum.
hi, welcome! enjoy the show, popcorn is sold in the foyer, please put the litter in the bins at the exits. a warnign to our little viewers, if your 12 and use bnet hacks, please leave right now. oh and the rest of you, watch out for the squid.


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Congrats on the fam - I think it is cool that people with kids still play video games. I'm still working on mine (only been married 1.5 years - no kids.)

Oh yeah, welcome. Make sure to check out the weekly MP thread if you want some company in your games. Although HC isn't my bag (baby) it may float someone else's boat.



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Welcome to the hopelessly addicted. Hope you get out still sane!


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Howdy :howdy:

Nice to see some more dad's floating around here (I've got a 3 y.o. son).

Enjoy your stay and don't drink to much in the EMB. What am I saying... drink as much as you want. :buddies:

*PoTaTo FuI*

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Welcome to the SPF, hope you enjoy your stay here.

What's your current project? Mine is a Maul WB in NM Act 5 about to take on Baal.



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Hear hear... welcome to the SPF. I, on the other hand, have been here for many a long year. *Looks around to make sure no one heard* Actually, I just joined yesterday, so it's good to have another fresh fish around. Maybe the moderators won't beat me senseless with their cudgels as much anymore now that they have another tender back to work on. One of them tripped me when I wasn't looking and then spit in my eye. Fresh fish! Fresh fish!