Hi All New to the Forums


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Hi All New to the Forums

Hello, I play USEast and made a new account called AbuseAccess.

I've played D2 for about 6-7 years now and always have looked upon this site but never registered ect.. Well now I have t.t

Just wanted to say hi to everyone here to the forums, mainly i'm more of a warcraft III tft gamer ( Go Go Dota ) haha but love the good ol' D2 days.

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee and im currently 18 yrs old.
Starting college this January (fun) and have a nice job working with come licensed contractor's daily.
Thanks for your time and have a nice day.



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D2 has barely been around 6 years.
Welcome to the forums! I'm the most popular and well liked person on the forums, so you should suck up to me.


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It's obvious that the most well liked person on this forum is me. I mean c'mon, look at how cool I am!
Give me all your SoJs!!

Welcome to the forums ^^
You'll find this place is an awesome way to get more information about the game, make some friends and just have a blast in general.


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Welcome to the forums. Whatever these guys and girls tell you to do .... do the opposite. Especially the three that just posted in your thread.

Kiddin' guys! Maybe :)


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Did you guys all post in the wrong thread? This is not the i-am-a-chinese-girl thread any more:wink3:


D2's pushing 7 years at least o.o

pff at barely 6!

*punches the op in the throat & steals his pants*

I cant believe you guys didnt do that yet. you all fail.