Hi All =^_^=


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Hi All =^_^=

Hiya :)

Well, WoW has run its course. PvE is boring, PvP too boring cause I'm so strong, and I don't intend on getting the Burning Crusade. Simply put, the addiction of WoW is gone. My account still active till December, but I haven't logged on in months. Time to move on.

I don't intend on getting Burning Crusade for many of the same reasons I stopped playing LoD a long long time ago. Regardless, I have turned to D2 again as a way to burn some time w/o playing something too addictive. I hate how in WoW, to get anything done in terms of raiding, you have to sit there for 6+ hours a night :undecided:

I live on the West Coast, but just briefly browsing the forums, I get the idea USEast is more active, so I think ima play there. There should be no latency problems...right? Are there any players playing USEast that also live on West Coast?

Brief introductions. Played this game about two years ago on USWest as Delsdead, always hardcore. Once you go hc, you never go back :laugh: And am now just starting over from scratch again. Hope you guys don't mind if I kick it in the banana channel whenever I'm on, so if you see me around, say what's up :)


Edit: So uh, just runnin around the Blood Moor, I don't notice any lag issues, but my average ping is slightly higher than on West. Someone relieve my paranoia plz lol :)


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hell im from europe and i play on east.. latency isnt that bad.. normally between 70 and 150 ping..