Hey, this site loads again!


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Hey, this site loads again!

The really really long delays to see an error page are gone!

Did I miss anything good?

And my avatar is the awesome now.


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erm damascus is your avartar lots of patchwork of squares??? i cant see it !?? what's wrong with my browser?? it happens to other avatars i see too but not all


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Beowulf said:
People should follow my lead with no tards!!!
What a terrible thing to say!!!!!

Anyway, I like my psychadelic Wally (and so does the wife) *rimshot

Mine's a Picasso-esque interpretation of the Lord_Shinnok work "Pint of Guinness With Christmas Lights."

Ironically, by the way, I got my first "The connection to rpgforums.net was refused" message of the day clicking on this thread.


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Even more astounding is that the OT forum is full of people again.

edit - umm nevermind - stupid me thought I was in the WoW OT forum - which is as dead as you could possibly imagine...