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Afternoon (or morning, evening, you call it like you see it out the window :) )! Decided to make an account here (first one) after undusting the ol' D2 LOD key for one more decapitation of Prime Evils.

I loved this game ever since its release (back when I had to play it my cousin's house), though I went through a long period of my life where games weren't so much a part of it (mostly due to excessive work). But watching the recent moves on gaming industry and how the "landscape" shifted made me miss the many many hours of fun I used to have with this game, back when they knew how to make expansions (I'll give X-COM and Witcher a nod, though, they still ~seem~ to get that right).

While I finished the game all the way through Hell and back a few times, I never did get a character up to level 99, so I thought of adding that to my bucket list and getting it done. My favorite character has always been the Summoner Necro, so while I know he's not technically ideal for it... why not?

Advices/suggestions are always welcome. It's a privilege to be among people that still keep this game alive, so I'll keep an eye on the threads and post when I can. Happy treasure hunting to you all.


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Welcome to the forum!

Come join us at the untwinked 99er thread! There you will find lots of good tips and suggestions as well as detailed descriptions of the experience of the participants. =)

See u there!


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Welcome to the forum! :D

*kicks shins*
*steals wallet*

A summoner is certainly viable, I would suggest that you get Infinity (certainly not required) and go via Pindle at the beginning of the run. For gear, it is probably best to just check out the successful 99er summoners in the 'The Quest for Level 99 Progress Thread', Cyrax has a fairly recent one. Also, definitely join us in the Untwinked 99er Tournament!

Feel free to ask specific questions, of course!


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Hi, and welcome here :).

I'll echo @Gynli : join us at the untwinked 99er journey. It makes the trip to 99 so much more fun.
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Glad to have another prisoner... *cough* I meant member ;) Make sure to stop by the memorial bar and get you a drink. Share any of your awesome finds with us in the IFT!!


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Summoner is far from the top choice, but it's certainly very viable with the right gear (without it is a different matter). Hardest part to 99 is not the taking of the top character or something below that, it's the being able to stand to do endless runs all with the same character. If you can do that with a summoner then the summoner is a good choice.

Also: Welcome!