Hey, monster, quit beating on my dead merc.


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Hey, monster, quit beating on my dead merc.

I just saw something I've never seen before. I was in the River of Flame (NM difficulty), and a pack of monsters waylaid my Rogue merc and killed her. Most of the pack then turned its attention to me and promptly got served a heaping helping of tasty whupass.

However, one of the monsters ignored me entirely. It was one of those fire-breathing bat-winged demons with the big swords. And it was standing over my dead merc's body, continuing to swing at it with his sword. It was like I wasn't even there. I'd even killed all the other monsters, and had casted Taunt on it, and it still didn't come get me.

Anyone ever see that before? I thought it was pretty chuckle-worthy...unfortunately I didn't think to snap a pic.