Hey hey!


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Hey hey!

The 1000 runs are on their way, I'm still doing them, although I haven't had much time to do any other d2 playing, or any at all for that matter, I'll keep you all updated. Also, to anyone that was wondering, I got my arachnid mesh, while completing my favorite quest in the game, Nihilathak.

Wish me luck :D


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Good luck, Huk, and thanks for the kindness doin this :)

I only hope that someday... my brave Fishymancer is old enough and strong enough to do such a thing for others *works at Act 2 Normal* good luck, and congrats on that find.



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Good luck, Huk.

It is a huge undertaking. You are very generous of your time.



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Congrats on finishing the quest and getting your arachnid mesh. Thanks again, too, for your generosity.