Hey guys


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Hey guys

Hello everyone,
I just recently got into diablo 2 multiplayer (played singleplayer many years ago, lost the game and refound).
Im sort of new to the game, about 3 weeks or so, and its a blast.
I found this forum for a while and I've been lurking around, and now I joined, heh.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I play diablo 2 LOD west ladder
I have a lvl 46 frenzy barbarian
a lvl 14 summon necro
and a lvl 15 Hammerdin paladin


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Welcome to the forum:wave: im new too but this forum is great for good advice... although some of the info is TOO detailed for new people like myself.:thumbsup:

Evrae Altana

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Be sure to pay your taxes.

Oh, and before I forget....
*steals BOTH Eldan's and snipingranger's pants*


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Welcome guys. Hope you both enjoy your stay here. When you get a little "wealth" check out the trade forums too. Save those gems and you can trade for much of the gear you want.

Good Hunting!