hey fellas i need some brilliant minds to help me out. ifr


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hey fellas i need some brilliant minds to help me out.

im stuck between a good place and a very good place. i need to chose the better option for me. I have My hands On 2 Very Beautiful items, an Etheral RuneMaster 5 Sockets 226%Ed, and Etheral Heavens Light 272% ed 2 sockets and +2 Pally Skills. i have to give one to my friend i cant keep both, if you had to choose which would you, why?

P.s Thank You


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i would choose the heaven's light over rune master because of many reasons, just look at these stats:

Heaven's Light
Mighty Scepter
One-Hand Damage: (140-160) To (182-208) (161-184 Avg)*
Required Level: 61
Required Strength: 125
Required Dexterity: 65
Durability: 50
Base Weapon Speed: [0]
+250-300% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+50% Damage To Undead
-33% Target Defense
+20% Increased Attack Speed
33% Chance of Crushing Blow
+15-20 Life After Each Demon Kill (varies)
+2-3 To Paladin Skill Levels (varies)
+3 To Light Radius
Socketed (1-2) (varies)
(Ladder Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

Rune Master
Ettin Axe
One-Hand Damage: (105-122) To (211-244) (158-183 Avg)
Required Level: 72
Required Strength: 145
Required Dexterity: 45
Durability: 24
Weapon Speed: [10]
+220-270% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+5% To Maximum Cold Resist
Cannot Be Frozen
Socketed (3-5) (varies)
(Ladder Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

heavens light is already 1 frame faster than runemaster & with 20% IAS that means you can put a sheal in the second socket(reserving the first one for a zod rune) for even more IAS you would have to sheal runemaster 2 times to get the same amount of IAS plus the Heaven's light has other usefull mods too runemaster only has 2 mods that can be on various other items.

So to answer your question take the Heavens Light zod & sheal it & give the runemaster to your friend,hope this helps.


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Etheral Heavens Light:20 Ias
Crown Of Ages:30 Ias 15% 40%ed
Lava Gouts:20Ias
Leviathan 22% Cham'ed
Verdungos 15

Totals= 52Dr & 70Ias 80 More Ed

RuneMaster ed/iasx2= 30 Ias 80%ed
Lava Gouts: 20 Ias
Crown Of Ages: 30 Ias 15% 80% ed
Leviathan: 15Ias 22% 40% ed
Verdungos 15%

Totals= 95 Ias 52 Dr 200% More Ed

i did this on wordpad i hope it come out with correct alignment, something i forgot to put was, that the heavens will use one eth & zod, and the runemaster will use 2 eth and 1 zod. again i dont know if this will be properly aligned im sorry if i cause any confusion.


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all depends if HAS the ED/IAS jewels or not to put in the runemaster or HL\eavens light if he does then thats great but if he's poor like most of us then he would have to go with sheals,anyway you slice it he will have to have a zod for either weapon being etherals.

It also all depends on his setup what he wants out of a weapon if he wants pure damage then the weapon of choice would be Runemaster or if he wants some extra bonues like open wounds & 2 pally skills the Heavens would work better,he could get runemaster withrunes with the same effect except for the +2 pally skills, all depends on your preference.


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welp, i made my choice and after long consideration i chose the heavens light. has lots of useful mods, i dont need many runes to make it godly. and will have -58 targets def, with the damage a redeemer does, infact i just finished trading the 272% heavens and got a 294% heavens with 2 sockets. and i really really like the weapon. i hope it was worth it. i wish i knew how to make a poll, so that pallys could vote on their prefered weapon.