Hey everyone!


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I've bee. Playing Diablo 2 since it came out 20 some years ago.. I used to play classic, but figured I'd give xpac a try and I have to say I'm liking it!! I'm a lvl 83 blizzard sorc, in act 2 hell (almost a-3).. I've been spending a lot of time trying to find my a2 Merc a descent weapon, he's using "passion" runeword partizan, which I think I made a mistake making.. in classic , partizan is the highest quality poleaxe..
If anyone wants to help me get RWM working properly so I can make a ladder runeword I would appreciate it very much. Im Tyson btw..

e/ I started playing single player because I dont have unlimited internet ATM.. I use my cell phone data for necessities etc..


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Hi and welcome!
Is bushwhacker a magic: the gathering reference perhaps? :)

Regarding RWM, have you checked the linked install help pictures under the rwm tab in the links sticky? That helped me sort it out when I returned to the game at least. If that doesn’t help, maybe post what you are experiencing problems with and maybe me or someone else has a solution :)

Blizz sorcs are great, and she will benefit greatly from some ladder RWs once you get that working.


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LOL ! No , I've never played magic the gathering but I want to.. I used to cut trees for a living with a chainsaw.. BBushwacker lol! Ill have a look on here for the RWM.. I just created the path files in my Diablo II directory and save game folders and inserted the proper runes.txt file at the end of the path.. I researched how to do that o. Google, i didn't realize there was an installation here for it!!

E/ if anyone wants to meet up in a game and check out each other's gears it might be fun !


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Wait, there are RL bushwackers, not just the ones in Magig the Gathering? :oops:

Welcome to the SPF, the place of wonders, EBM and shin-kicking /kicks real hard. That bruise will give you more time to play the game instead of going bushwacking!

Good luck for your goals, D2 and RL, and may your drops be green and golden (well, high runes are OK, too, I suppose... :cool:)!