Hey ! back on d2classic after over a decade, lookin for friends


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So I used to play d2 in 1.09 and 1.10 until the ladder reset of 1.10b, last time I played was 2004 iirc. I always played classic - hardcore there.

Classic because well.. just the way I discovered the game and learned to love it and always have been such a d2 classic fan (also didnt like how it seemed pretty easy to get to level 99): I know answers would most likely be like "why do you wanna play classic LoD is much better and more people play it" I have nothing to say about it- still wanna play d2c :D

Hardcore because I liked the fact that I knew all the players around me never died. I felt bad when I tried playing non-hc once and realized how the overall level was much worse... Also it strenghtens excitement, comdradery etc.

So yeah I came back on d2c on Europe realm (I am from France) leveled up to 36 in hardcore classic, still alive and stuff actually such a low level is already enough to be top1000 :/ but well, tired of playing alone, cant even transfer items properly, rly sucks.

Would be nice to find someone to play together whether on ladder, eventually for next reset or eventually using a mod and playing in TCP IP if it s possible?... eventually as a group of people :) I can use skype or whatever audio communication software, havent been a gamer for ages so I dunno if TS is still used... but can be ok without it too.

Hoping for some answers! Still love the game but tired already to play it on my own! :)


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I'm kind of in the same situation where I've played on and off since the early days. Now I found myself playing HC classic on EU, just like you, but completely alone.

Hit me up if you're still playing.



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Well, I am on East, but mostly solo, still there's normally a few pub games for nightmare, and 4-5 for normal here, with maybe a hell CS run every once in a while, people don't like to risk their character to PKs in pubbie games really.