Hey Andrew...coupla questions

Mad Mantis

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Xiamet said:
as soon as I can get my new Nec up to his full and splendiferous regalia
Nice use of the English language.

Xiamet said:
I have to say, so far the new Necromancers are the most flexible and customizable chars I'm worked with yet. I'm lovin' it....lol
Necro's are very sweet. I think our customizability is a direct result of our curses.


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I think that's the aura Blizz should've slapped on the Nec for gaining the full trang's set....instead of the goofy looking, hunch-backed nosferatu wannabe that they have going now...I refuse to wear the entire set for that reason. Well...that and it's way too buggy for this Bonemancer...