Hey all


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Hey all

Well here goes my intro ;)

My name is Dan, I'm 17.

God put forth the gift of Diablo 2 in front of me around my 8th grade year. I played for about a year on battle net, making many friends and having a lot of fun. Eventually got away from the game because it took over my life, broke my discs and whatnot.

Now I'm back. I started playing on battle net for a few weeks, advanced quickly enough to make a few high level characters with relatively expensive items, but always felt unfulfilled after I played. It was all trading, muling, rushing, levelling, and no actual game play. That's why I switched to single-player a week or two ago, so I could take a step back and do something I've never really done; play the game.

I noticed there was a single player forum here, checked it out and found some realy neat stuff. The ATMA tool and RWM/RRM have been great helps to me.

So far I've accomplished a level 40 some thrower barb who got stuck in the beginning of Nightmare and found nothing better than Twitch armor. Now I'm ready with my second character, hopefully a Strafe/LF/CS Zon who can solo through hell without much help. We'll see how she goes.

So here I am, ready to start posting for real. :flowers:


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well welcome to the SPF you must have read some of the stickies at least to find atma and such so I guess the only other thing is watch your shins hope you enjoy posting here


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welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goodies and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin kickers, they should be along soon but they're a nessecary service.

Do read the SPF FAQs and don't forget to tell us a few more things about you: general geographic location, favorite build, what you do when not playing D2, favorite cookie flavor, ardvarks or anteaters, that sort of thing! You get more cookies for each little tidbit.