Heroes Inc.


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Heroes Inc.

Hi im a fellow D2 lod player and im looking to start an untwinked team on the us esat ladder. Im loking for around 3-5 people including myself, just bring a level one character you want to play into game "HeroesInc" password is "new"
It really doesnt matter about your character, im just looking for some good friends to play with. By the way im a necro. So just load up d2 and hope into my game if you wanta play, oh and one last thing, we will get drops (uniques and sets and rares and blah blah blah) in the order of need and highest on the "list". Ill keep the list and everyone gets on it in the order in which they join the game. Ill also set max players for 5 cya there. After i post this ill be waiting in the game acc is *HeroesInc and character is *CallOfTheDamned. So grab some :drink: and lets go kick sum demonic butt!


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heya, maybe things went well and you found people, but more likely you didn't. If not, you'd be better off trying this-

- post a week in advance of when you'd like to start
- post suggestions for a time/day (or days) and time zone/ realmyou're hoping to play on
- let people know the style of play- will this be a hardcore group with devoted chars and no outside mfing/exping, or more loose-knit

you're much more likely to get people to join that way (especially with the time in advance part :D )

good luck with the team!


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I'll join up, I'll play a .... don't know... I'm bad at picking characters... but it'll be one of the following

MA Assassin
Wolf druid

I kind of want to try one of the above *points up*... you can pick one for me... depending whichever you think would best help the group or would be able to actually do something...


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All would be helpful, really just pick what kind of character you want to be. And when do you think you'll be on? Maybe on Friday or Saterday night around 10 or something, well meet in a passwor protected game, just post some of the times it would be good for everyone and well try to work around everyones schedules. Also does everyone know the rules of the "list"? If not just let me know and ill post them. Remember we are going untwinked but if there is an item that you really really want to use, then go for it.
1. Kool69 (Summonmancer) *HeroesInc
2. Snowdrake (???) *???
Hey snow could you please post your accounts name? Oh and for now, your at the top of the "list".