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Here Lies lolnubomgwtfhax

lvl 70 sorc. Helped many people level before it was all over. And then "died" in act 1 hell with no possibility to get looted.

I say "died" because I exited the game while i was still alive. EXTREMELY low health, yes, but still alive. "Phew that was close" I think to myself. I was over my friends house playing and he even turned to look at my screen and saw me exit before I was killed.

Bnet however apparently decided to keep me in the game a split second longer. He turns to his screen and sees the text that I have been slain and gets quiet. Smiling because of my "timely" escape, i turn to look at his screen and feel the smile melt from my face.

I try to join the game. No. Create? no. Maybe I have to relog... WAIT WHERE IS MY CHARACTER PORTRAIT? I could see my character name, but I couldnt see my character. I couldnt even the hooded character symbolizing my death. WTF! Log back in, I CAN SEE MY CHARACTER AGAIN! but wait i cant join games.

Enter denial. maybe restart the comp? thats crazy... is "/ressurrect" a proper chat command? Maybe I can email blizz and have them fix their error because i DEFINITELY exited while i was alive...

But that stage is over. I must have exited at just the right moment for this to have happened. Leave 1 second earlier, and I would be alive. Leave 1 second later, and I would have actually SEEN that i was dead and could have been looted.

Very anticlimatic. And since I didnt have a hooded character to represent my loss, I have no closure.


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Re: Here Lies lolnubomgwtfhax

I had the same thing happen with a lvl 73 druid (my death was associated with lag though). My denial stage was also pretty long, it took weeks before I could accept that the character was gone and it was time to delete it. Sorry for the loss, this type of death is brutal . . .

Perhaps on the upside, you now have the perfect character for haunting chat channels . . . not everyone has an invisible ghost . . . :nod: