Here I go again: US east. Ladder. Softcore.


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Here I go again: US east. Ladder. Softcore.

*waves his arms in the air* Back again... maybe one day soon, I'll actually stick around for more than a few months >.<; -- Either that or get addicted to a certain other blizzard product... AHEM, anyway.

Account name: ExodusDace

Sadly, all I have at this precise moment in time, is a single, lvl 8 sorceress. Going to be my MF meteorb sorc. Played one before and loved it, trying to get me another.

Just looking for guys or gals =P to play through the game, rush, quest, uber (eventually?) or do whatever it is that we do with this age-old fav. =P

I'm playing on rare occasions currently, as I sometimes log into my old acc. with my expired lvl 80+ chars and it makes me die a little inside at the lost gear =\

Oh well. Enough babble from me. You know what to do ^___^;