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Hey, i was playing around with hero editor in SP, and i found an item called "herb"..

What is it, where does it come from, and what does it do?

Makes a unique sound when u drop it o:


Oh, and i googled it, found nothing..

lemme know if u want a screenshot..

kinda looks like a small root, takes 1 slot, with the simple white name "Herb"


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Re: ..herb?

I want a screenshot!

June 27, 1999

Herbs are a new feature of Diablo II. They work something like potions or scrolls, in that you consume them with the use, but they provide a (usually) temporary boost to some attribute or aspect of your character. They were still a recent addition to the game when we saw them at E3, but such effects as boosted fire resistance, increased stamina, and faster attack are examples of the numerous herbal boosts you can expect to see in Diablo II.

Herbs went the way of reagents, gone over time. Some herb effects popped up on shrines, and others in the thawing and cure potions NPCs sell. Blizzard found that herbs were either too powerful, or too weak. If they were really good, players would horde them and make themselves fireproof for a hard area, or give themselves super fast attacks to slaughter a boss. And if the herb effects were nerfed, then no one used them at all.

Charms were added much later in development and these helped with character customization beyond what could be achieved on equipment, and that's a sort of herb-like effect, though it's not temporary.



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Re: ..herb?

I've played around with an editor too, and discovered a bunch of things that never made it in the game. There are 5 different potions using 3 different graphics, and 12 different skeleton pieces, many of which have unique graphics.

Curiously, the key and torch graphics appear to have existed in the game before the Uber Tristram quest was added. I have no idea what the torch was for, but the key seems to have been needed to enter the Countess' Tower, judging from the name of the item.


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Re: ..herb?

I think it speaks badly of me that all I can think about is posting another Towelie pic... :D

The torch could have been just that: a torch. You could carry around a stack of them and light them up when you enter a dungeon for better lighting. They may have even been considering making dungeons really dark, practically requiring torches to see what you were doing. I think that would have been pretty cool and uber creepy. Imagine being in a dungeon and you run out of torches and stuff keeps seeing you and attacking you before you can see it and you just see outlines of the walls, except where there were torches on the walls. I think that would have been pretty cool.