Help! Yes Again. ><


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Help! Yes Again. ><

Alithra/x there is a Naj's Light Plate I was xfering and I got downed by the hack preventer or what not. Sigh, would someone please hold the game open for me? Thanks. I'll be there asap.

Edit: USEast Realm / Normal Settings Game.



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LuckyDwarf said:
Nevermind, item is gone. :(

aaaah and I was laying in bed this morning considering jumping on bnet for a bit.. :xx:

Sorry for the lost item, Jason.


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Have you considered changing you name to *UnfortunateDwarf or somesuch?

I'm sure this isn't the first time - so I commiserate with the loss - I've had so many "connection Interrupted"'s recently I wouldn't even consider muling solo:(



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For really valuable things, wait 10 seconds at each step of the process.

6 or 7 mins in game to establish. Save + exit.
10 secs in typing new acct and enter
10 secs in char selection screen
10 secs after typing name before clicking join.
10 secs in game before save+exit
Also, i got temp banned once for hitting esc, up arrow, enter really really fast. Stupid server probably thought I had chicken. Or maybe it was a glitch.

Anyway, since I've started waiting like that (its nervewracking I know, because you're afraid realm will crash) I haven't lost a thing, nor been temp banned.

Honestly, all I usually wait for is 10 secs between typing game name and clicking join. But don't switch accounts or chars too fast either (at least wait 5 secs or so).


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ug. All I can say is wait til some of the rest of us are on when you need to mule an item you don't want to lose. Most of the time you can find one of us available to help mule or a clan mule game up.

Remember being part of the team means that there are people around who can help.