Help With Throwing Barb Build


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Help With Throwing Barb Build

Hi, I'm going to make a throwing barb and I have some questions about my build. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Helm: Arreats (Don't see any other option here)
Armor: Shaftstop
Weapons: Dual Lacerators or Dual Gimmers (Which is better, gimmers have more dmg but are slower while lacerators are faster but have less dmg)
Gloves: Soul Drainers (for mana leech)
Boots: Gore Riders (I may end up having to take Nat's soul for the resistances)
Belt: Verdungos
Rings: Either Dual Ravens for Dex and ar or Raven and one BK
Ammy: Highlords
Charms: I'm may need a few 15 all res GCs so I can use ed jewels or ias jewels
Sockets: I'm guessing Shaels in the weapons would be the best bet. I may put an um in the armor and an ed jewel in the helm. I'm not sure any comments here would be great.


20 Double throw
20 Double Swing
20 Mastery
7 prereqs
Rest into either Shout or Natural resistance depnding on how things go

So what do you guys think? Oh ya I guess this will end up being for pvp, but I just really want a throwing barb for fun this doesnt have to be some uber pvp build. I'm open to any suggestions on equipment skills or general thoughts. Thanks alot in advance.


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For your information 20 in double throw is totaly waste of points it's only increase your attcak rating. Only 1 point here.
For the rest i sugest 20 BO and maybe 20 WW. How cool would it be to start throwing and when the monster come to close ww away and comtinue throwing! Or you just go for 20 shout insted of ww.
Then this build depends on IAS! You need much more IAS then you have right now.
I think demon arch or wrath is mucher bether weapons the lacerators, then you can use glimmers for PI.

Remember IAS is you best friend