Help with Throne of Destruction level!!!


as i told you in my post i linked to in my last post in this thread, build a mf character.

dont worry about making a new char, if you actualy follow one of the guides in this forum ( try fishymancer, it realy rocks ) you will have fast killing speed and therefor leveling will go quite fast. specialy if you play on players 8

just as a idea : if i play every day a week for some hours, i can be at lvl 70 and end of nightmare ( where your last character ended ) in about a week, some can probably do it alot faster.

whit multiplayer on battlenet you can get there in a day, but taht dosnt count here :)


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twoflower said:
whit multiplayer on battlenet you can get there in a day, but taht dosnt count here :)
In the past, on multiplayer I did leveling jobs for some people. In one day you are expected to get to ~85 with all skill points quests, anya quests, and ready to do baal runs, without all 3 forges.


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My advise to you would be to try to play some multiplayer games. You can read guides and strategies, and ask questions, but actually seeing how others play will make a much greater impact. I don't do it, but look here for a multiplayer game of new characters. It will be tough for you as it will seem like people are just running around. And it will be all you can do to just keep up with them. But keep your eyes open and observe what's going on. Afterwards, hopefully there will be a helpful person who you can talk to and help to explain what you saw. Do this a few times, then play on your own for a bit with what you have learned. It will take a while to sink in, but playing alone at your own speed will make what you saw more understandable. Once you've absorbed what you learned, go back for some more multiplayer. IMO, seeing things in action will be easier to understand than reading about it.


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jiraniel said:
Thanks for all the advice. I am going to try to make a new one *sniff* and see if I can play her to hell. Even after all these years of playing, I still SUCK at games. It would be funny if I hadn't experienced a crash in 2001 that killed off ALL my chars. There was a Barbie, Paladin and Assasin who had all gotten past Hell level and I was trying to get set items. Having to start over from scratch was really awful and I won't ever stop whining about it...Nevertheless, I am still pretty much a novice I guess and haven't really learned all the strategies and intricacies of the game. Wish I knew someone who played too and knew this stuff! I will ask this next ? in another post but here's my next problem.

In following directions and setting the players to 8, I should get more experience and points faster. RIGHT?
Yup. When just starting a brand new character, however, using /players8 might slow things down, depending on your build. Caster characters, for example, tend to run out of mana a lot more early in the game. Melee characters, on the other hand, usually don't slow down much (if at all) from /players8. Sometimes it even helps them. An example is when you have life/mana steal on a melee character. Say you have 5% mana leech, and can deal 20 damage per hit, on average. This means you can leech back 1 mana/hit. The thing is, the damage that your leech is calculated on is limited by how much life the monster has, so if you're using /players1, a monster might have 4 life (giving 0.2 mana back), whereas on /players8, it would have 18 life (giving back 0.9 mana). Since it would die in a single hit in both cases, the latter case allows a character to keep his life/mana balls full with greater ease. This means the barbarian can use Double Swing more, the paladin can use Zeal, etc, without as many problems, which speeds things up.

jiraniel said:
HOW do you guys get so many set items and things? I get a lot of gold items but have yet, in all this time to get a complete set of ANYTHING. I've never seen a rune about SOL or DOL. I rarely see circlets and they are usually normal (white). So what I am saying is that what is the trick to getting the items to be dropped more often so you can build a decent char?
We invest lots of time. Part of this time goes to getting a character, or set of characters, to the point where they can kill stuff in Hell with little risk. The rest of it goes to running areas over and over and over with lots of MF gear (this is 'magic find'- items with the 'x% better chance of getting magic items' modifier). As you do more MF runs, you accumulate better gear, which lets you run progressively harder areas, which in turn nets you even better gear, and so on. Of course, getting the rarest items in the game still takes a lot of perseverance and luck, but there is a lot of very useful gear that is not all that rare.

Another thing to bear in mind is that for most monsters (but not including act bosses, and some others), the current players setting affects the number of drops. While it doesn't directly affect the quality, it will indirectly affect it, as when a monster drops three items, you have three chances of getting a good item, rather than one chance, if the monster only dropped a single item. So, slap on as much MF gear as you can afford to (while keeping your kill effectiveness, resists, etc high), and kill on a high players setting (for area runs) or low players setting (for boss runs). It will take time, but you'll get some good stuff.

If you haven't yet looked into ATMA, you should do so (unless you're playing on a Mac). This will let you find items with one character, and transfer them to other characters (this is called 'twinking'). If you choose to do this, it will help you get up to speed with new characters much faster. There's a 'stickied' ATMA thread on the first page of the thread listings of the Single Player Forum.