help with rrw and rwm


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help with rrw and rwm

Tell me if this is against the rules talking about it. I extracted both into my d2 folder read the help for rwm and couldnt find a help for rrw. I changed my thingy to -direct and (-text) now changed to -txt. I also added the "runeword" bit on the end of diablo2. I tryed to make a spirt sword and it didnt work, so ichecked it all and found out i spelt -txt wrong (-text). I dont really want to make the mitake again as im low on runes and socketables, due to being a noob. Anyone whos kind enough to help me?

just read rules:

III. Technical Support and Development of Mods
This forum does not allow for the technical support or development discussion of any mods. This was done to prevent mod technical discussions from drowning out the posts of unmodded players. Another reason for this is the simple fact that there is already a forum dedicated to D2 mods which is a much better place to get technical support. This is the Phrozen Keep. Technical support and development discussions of mods should be done there. As another note, please do not PM RTB asking for technical support of his mods. This is by his request and should be respected. Don't make me get out my Passion Giant Thresher.

sorry for post and thanks for info, probably best a mod closes the posty


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We can't give mod support but I have a screenshot of my shortcuts and diablo 2 directory on (no www) you may find it interesting. Otherwise the Phrozen Keep is the place to go. (Cat knows before anyone says anything.)