Help with PnB Pvp Necro


Help with PnB Pvp Necro

Hello, I need some help here, ugh Im startin a pnb necro and i was wondering, do I put any skills on curses like decrepify or just strict bone skills? Also whats the BEST(top of the line) gear to use? thanks for your time guys!!:soapbox:


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well for my boney i have a perfect boneshade, homo /w p diamond, a 2 pnb ammy with 15 resist all and 55 cr yes 55 cr, soj,bk, coh , delirium, arach sash gloves i have some crafted ones with a pnb skill some stats boots are also crafted not to special, anni, N torch , couple skill charms. thats basic top of the line gear i dont know what unique gloves or boots you could use. if you didnt have everybody using nigma when they duel id say decrep would be a good thing to put a few points but i put 1 in lower resist.


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The gear I would aim for would look something like:

2/20/2 Circlet (Probably the place to pick up the bulk of your fhr)
Mp Nigma
Trangs Gloves
SS (-15% req/mods jewel or Eld, depending on +str from gear)
Fcr Ring
2/15+ Fcr Ammy
SS Trek (With a Shael Shael circlet, this puts you at the 56 fhr bp)

This leaves you with 43% dr, 56% fhr (increasable through charms), 125% fcr, max block, and with 16 strength from some combination of the fcr ring/ammy slots, base strength. At lvl 94 with an eld in the SS, it would take an investment of about 130 dex to achieve max block. This translates to about 460 life. Resists aren't great, and the ring/ammy would be a good place to shore that up as well. Also consider 20/5 scs. With 35 life gcs and the 10 20 life scs, you should hit about 2.5k life, more with extra +life on the jewlery. With perfect charms and great jewlery, 2.75k life is the upward bound of feasability.