Help With Necromancer Please!


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Mad Mantis

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If you use a Might Merc, Decrep the Bosses and keep a Clay Golem up next to the Boss at all times, they shouldn't give you any problems.


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Poison Nova by itself is really only good for stopping monseter regen rates, which doesn't seem to be a problem for too many summoners out there. Basically, ^^what they said.



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mc_garb said:
I usually went with a prayer merc, but maybe i'll try out might merc for once. I like to use skels and mages at the same time so it will only be effective for the skels only thanks for input.

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I'm going with the same build, with a might merc (when I get to NM) also going to use both Decrepid and Lower Resist. LR will help my mages alot, while merc will help Skeletons.