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Help With my tele-smiter

Discussion in 'PvP' started by theheft, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. theheft

    theheft IncGamers Member

    Dec 12, 2007
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    Help With my tele-smiter

    Finished my tele-smiter last night and im a bit disapointed :(

    Equip I have

    COA 30res 31dr
    Maras 30
    Grief PB
    35 FCR spirit gilded shield 45,80,80,80
    Enigma Archaon
    Treks 65life
    20 dex raven
    20 Strength rare ring with resi
    3 x 5 @ 19 lifer
    1 pcomb 40 life
    1 plain pcomb
    Rest 20 lifers
    Ani & torch

    In stash I have highlords, 40ias grief BA, HOZ, dungo, Shako Jah, Shako UM, Last wish for fade, dracs.

    I have max resi in hell, although not much stack....I'm hitting 75FCR, 39 DR, 80 fire resi, 82 light resi, 22k def, 2.1k onscreen smite dmg and 4k life with my base eq.

    How does this stack up vs other guessing its me being rather rubbish than stats being crap. Im used to playing a BVC all the time so its taken a bit of getting used to playing with this. I loose to any half decent dueller and barbs in particular are giving me serious trouble even when I max my DR and switch to a zerker.

    Will using the exceptional shield be effecting my damage by much? I know it will reduce the onscreen damage but will it make a huge difference to the actual overall output compared to using an elite.

    I need to learn how to tele-smite effectively. I had got the hang of tele-zerking when I made my Bezerker but am finding at quite hard to make the switch to smiting for some reason. Also, vs sorcs that use energy shield I found my smite/zeal hybrid a lot more effective, they would die in one zeal where as with smite they get away and I have to chase them down again.

    Could perhaps do with an exile, since I duel in pubbies I dont really care about life tap since 90% of them use it anyway...saw one guy using a life tap wand last night!

    If anyone fancies given me some pointers and training duels I would be very appreciative.
  2. SicHalo

    SicHalo IncGamers Member

    Feb 28, 2006
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    Re: Help With my tele-smiter

    your gear looks pretty standard.

    Vs mele u only need 18% fcr to 40% i believe vs barbs. Exile is a better choice vs barbs as it grants u the high defense needed to tele smite, Also slap on a clegs for some slow vs barbs.

    Also vs barbs it helps to make use of holyfreeze flash + tele smiting as the freeze + clegs cause major slow downs on ww moving speed making them stay in range longer.

    Grief ba is ok if they don't use slow but if they stack slow like i.e 2x doom etc u need pb for this as it has alot of slow which cripples ba grief due to base speeds..

    on some gear notes i think nice stat equipment like an amu with 2 + pala/str/ dex/ like @ res life.

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