Help with my PvP Throw Barb


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Help with my PvP Throw Barb

Hi, I need help with my PvP Throw Barb:

Max Throw Mastery
Max Double Swing
Max Order
Max Leap (or Shout?)
+1 on Natural Res, Iron Skin, Faster R/W, Frenzy

Str - Base
Dex - 132 (req. for my Eth Warshrikes)
Vita - Rest
Engery - None

- Upped Eth Arreats
- +2 Eth Arkaines Valor
- Eth Warshrikes, Lacerator
- Dracul's Glove
- Dungo's Belt
- Goreriders
- R-Frost, Bk-Ring
- Highlords (or Cats Eye?)
- Barb Torch
- Mastery GC, rest 20 life sc.

- I was planning on maxing shout but someone told me to max leap. What exactly will maxed leap help me accomplish? Should I get more Dex? Also, I'm thinking of either Highlords or Cats Eye. Highlords with +1 skill and deadly strike, but Cats Eye for Dex + R/w. Not sure. Also, are Mastery GC's ok? Because combot Gc's dont help much.
- Any comments or critisms will be useful



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You seem o be amassing high def items despite the fact that you are gonna be dualwielding and most prob won't stand a chance against melee anyway, Surely arreat's is nice anyway, but maybe that arky could be replaced? I'm not all into this and I'm also planning to make a thrower atm, maybe a Duress or Forti would be a better choise? or maybe CoH / Enigma.

But I would wait for the "real" barbs to give their judgement.


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to be honnest throw barbs are not that feasible in pvp, alot of chars will prolly beat u also the fact u lack tele makes things worst.

secondly u never use skillers they give some of the worst returns, it makes more sense to use max dmg/ar/life scs or ar/life sc,lc,gc instead this will give more hp and still support ur attack dmg and ar better.

Vs mele of any kind u will need a source of DR, i.e switching that arreat for a CoA berber when needed.

Also leap is used for the knockback radius but this is more for a BvC but could be implemented on a thrower.

If u want to make a pvp barb a ww barb really even a bezerk barb (hardcore more) are the only real feasible builds some try singers but they are not as successful either.


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Is maxing Leap necessary for PvP? Because I tried on Gorefoots and I was able to Leap pretty far with good knockback. That would leave me with more skills on Shout. Also, is 132 dex good enough or is more required?