Help with my next barb conc


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Help with my next barb conc

well my first barb bvc isnt finished, he just lacks coa and charms but imma give farming a break i wanted to start another character and i just prefer barbs

this is going to be a conc barb for ubers, pvm and gearswitch goldfind

my gear firstly (im not planning to over use runes to make, and using gear i already have, so dont say u need last wish)

Arreats (um)

edeath colossus sword (im using swords cos my bvc is axe and i dont want to another axe barb)

secondary sword i cant afford yet but still deciding between ebotd or beast

fort great harberk (i know its not archon but friend giving me it for 1hr 29res)

IK belt/gloves (i calculated it offers stats i need and res, more ias than the setup i had in mind laying of hands/dungos, but no PDR) , dracs for ubers

2 ravens or a duel leach ar hp ring if i can get one

boots im quite unsure, i dont really need gores unless i pvp, i have almost 100 deadly and over 50 cb, i was thinking any % mf war travs for added dmg and stats

20BASH(conc syn)
1pt in preq, ironskin, res, speed, find item, frenzy, rest into shout

i need around 70 spent into str i calculated base dex rest in vit

charmwise warcry lifers (cheap and im guessing a bigger bo lvl with synergise with conc and provide gg hp)

the point im centerring this build around was a left click conc with an uninterruptable attack relatively but not godly defence and a right click of frenzy, i was thinking charging frenzy up and then conc

any suggestions on gear setups?
i should have enough ias from highlords/ik right?
anyone done something similar to this and would like to give some advice?


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A few points:

Drop frenzy, as in all honesty, you're only going to be using one weapon skill 98% of the time (with the other 2% being when you have to berserk). If you really want to frenzy, make a frenzy-specific barb, as otherwise it will be crippled. You MUST, however, have 1 point of berserk, for PI/IM enemies.

Use a shield, not a second weapon. Conc only swings the weapon in your main hand, making the off-hand useless, except for Auras. Shield adds so much more to your tanking.

Also, drop bash, max shout. Shout is HUGELY beneficial to a conc barb. The bash synergy is virtually worthless for almost every conc build, except for the super rich with extremely, extremely high-end gear and charms. For example, with a perfect BotD berserker (415%), 39 +3max damage charms, and 40% ed jewels in your helm and shield, 20 bash nets around 700 extra damage. Shout gives a huge amount of defense to you/merc/party/friendly units, longer BC/BO durations, and 200% more berserk damage.