Help with my Javazon


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Help with my Javazon

I have a lvl 26 javazon on the SPF-HCL right now. Currently I am looking at going Poison/LF but I have also been toying around with putting some points in the Bow tree. Here is what I was thinking:

LF 20
Valk 20
Plague 20
Poison 10

12-15 points in pre-req/Passive

leaving 7-10 points to play with at level 80 (counting quest rewards)

Is this enough points to put into the bow tree? ie. what is the lowest amount of points I could put in the tree to be effective. (I figure I will have around +4 to all skills at this point). I was thinking of putting points in magic, guided, and freezing arrow.

The other option is to max poison to fully synergize plague-this would add 100% more damage to my plague.

any help would be appreciated.
id say no, put them into the passive skills like criticle strike or evade / aviod. you need to max at least 1 bow skill to make ti worhwhiel and since yull have a duel attackig power with the jav (poison / lightning, with a bit of pyhs) you wont need anythgin else much.


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If you've got a bow with decent mana leech, a slvl 1 guided arrow can go a long way towards dealing with PIs. The good thing is that you don't need to put points into penetrate. There is no way you'll hit anything with strafe/MS without a near maxed penetrate or some other AR boost like an act 2 merc.


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FA might work, but Nightfish's point about AR holds true...with 10 points, you can put 1 into each prereq (cold arrow and ice arrow) and then 8 into FA, or a few less and bump up the freeze length with the synergies. Might be fun for the occasional weapon switch if you have enough mana leech.

Multishot might be nice at first, but you've got the crowd-killer in L Fury...Guided takes a lot of prereqs, but it auto-hits.

I'd say skip it for now, but build a hybrid designed for this from the ground up, unless you're just fooking around.


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Moog_playa said:
Guided takes a lot of prereqs, but it auto-hits.
3 prereqs = a lot? :scratch:

At any rate, considering that guided arrow is basically done with 4 points I'd say that's the best investment one can make for those points. My guardian used her level 1 GA to kill LIs, everything else went down to LF in short order.