Help with my barb

jetjaguar x

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Help with my barb

ok im building a PvP ww barb ..
so i would think

20sword mastery
20 shout
20 bo
rest in iron skin

as for equipment .. he will be wearing

Halaberds Reign Conquerer Crwn
HellForge Plate enigma
Chammed SS
Eth Botd CB
gale shell ammy
2x cgrips
60% steelrends
sandstorm trek boots

now my goal is too hit 5500 life with bo .. i know ive seen barbs with
5500 or more life .. how is it possible with having to pump up dex for max block ?? help


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If you really want to get the most hps out of your barb, you're probably going to want to make some equipment changes, such as dropping Halaberds for Arreats and Hellforge enigma for a light armor enigma. Use the extra stat points from str into vit.

For max hps, fill up on +20 vita small charms.


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Your skill layout is fine but your not including all the 1 pointers youll need:

battle command
natural resist
increased speed (i usually put like 6 here)

You can put the rest of the points to Iron skin I prefer them in zerk though.

Halberds is good for casting BO but overall AF domiate barbarian helm.

It would be a good idea to switch that Hellforge out for Archron or any other of the light armors.

I suggest a raven frost over the cham'd ss

For the ammy Highlords and Angelic (with ring combo) is the way to go

Leeched is nerfed to **** in PvP now so c-grips are pritty much worth less u can get the resist other places

gores would be a better choice for boots but u could work with treks

with the gear switches ull gain an extra 60 stats and takes tons off the req str. just the gained stats are equivalent to 500+ life after bo

jetjaguar x

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why not the CHam in the SS ?
well when i went to duel i would run the angelic ammy and rings ..
i have them but will only use them for dueling .. so you would
say AF over halaberds .. i need the cham in the ss for when i duel
so i can use the 2 angelic rings ?

jetjaguar x

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also how are some people hitting like 6800 life with bo .. that is wut my goal is .. i know filling the inventory with 40 x 32020s ..

so basically the best barb gear to wear for dueling setup is wut ..

Arreats Face
Archon Enigma
Gore riders
2xangelic rings
angelic ammy
eth botd cb

and when im not dueling im run 2xcgrips and gale shell ammy
i also have 2 wc spears for the switch ..
can anyone who has over 6k life with bo .. please let me know how u accomplished it .. thanks


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i say no cham in ss cause i run a raven frost, good ar (not quite angelic) but it also has 20 dex cbf mana (which with angelic is kinda low)

6k life looks like this

83 base str
103 base dex at lvl 90 122 at lvl 99
349 base vit at lvl 90 375 at lvl 99

37x 3/20/20s
40 vit vergundos
1/20/xx/x anni
2x 3/xx/fhr

At lvl 90 this is 2972 life before BO after a lvl 32 Bo you'll have 6777 life
At lvl 99 this is 3114 life before BO after a lvl 32 BO you'll have 7112 life

(all stats and life based on using a raven instead of 2nd angelic and using the rest of your pvp gear)

jetjaguar x

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wow nice .. hmmm so if i run a raven frost wut do i use as my other ring .. 1 angelic and angelic ammy ???

also with that dex .. will i still hit max block ?

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DhR_PvP said:
increased speed (i usually put like 6 here)
Yes i agree, even with teleport you still need to run fast these days cos nearly everything youll be fighting will be ranged and ur teleport wont be fast enough to keep up with casters cos of cast rate ur best bet is to tele to them then when they tele away and stand still spamming whatever, you have the speed to run in and get a ww its also your only weapon against runenrs such as bowazon that i still see around alot on europe.


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jetjaguar x said:
which enigma only needs 83 str ?
The archon plate one, if you have a 20 annihilus, only takes 83 str. I only have 81 myself, since I use annihi to go to 101, then a BotD berserker to get to 131, and so on and so forth.


jetjaguar x

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any diff between wearing the archon one and lets say a wrymhide besides the looks .. since i think the wrymhide is like 83 str requirement since i dont have an annihilus right now

also with 122 base dex by cl99 which i have max block ?


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Max blocking with stormshield= 222dext by cl 99;
122 base dext would assume that you get 100 dext from your items, i would venture something like:
20 from anni + 20 from raven + 20 from IK gloves +20 from arreats + 30 from BoTD = 110
So you could use even less (didn´t really check your items)