Help with mf mancer!


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Help with mf mancer!

Well I was thinking of making funny mf mancer for Hell Pit runs! Im not sure about skills but i Am with equipment:

-Full TrangOuls Set
-Helm with Pt (24%)
-Armour with Pt (24%)
-Alibaba with 2x Ist (Bout 150%)
-2x Nagels (60%)
-Wartraveler (50%)
-Gheeds (40%)
-Amu (35%)

Plus all the small mf charms I can get! So that about 400 + with all those small charms too! Not Bad mf with Full TO eh ? :D

But what about the skills, i know i have to have skellies, skellies + revieves or revieves! Amplify for minions to kill quicker and maybe a little of CE ? Well im open for any suggestions! Thx!



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Well, given Trang Oul's Avatar's mods you could go Skellie/Poison, though that would cause a bit of interest conflict between Amplify Damage and Lower Resist.

If you want to abandon the safety of a wall of skeletons you could even do a pure poison/Trang's fire build and still be able to MF the pit.

The beauty of the Pit is the large variety of characters who can MF here.

Mad Mantis

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Basic build who use Trang’s are Skelliemancer or Poisonmancer (although I like the term Venomancer better).

Both can incorporate Maxed CE. Ditch the Revives. Only one point is needed for very stickie situations.

So it is up to you.

frend? or foe!

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hi i got a lvl 86 mf summon necro and he is the best mf'er i ever had
got him equiped with usual mf stuff ie shako.skulders and about 75% mf worth of sc's i maxed skekkys ,mastery, rest split up between fg.gmast
1 in revives 1 in amp and buisy maxing ce i cruise through worldstone no probs unless those pesky glomes appear! i'm ot as quick as those sorcs but most sorcs teleport and miss the good drops ( all monsters can drop better now!) get a summon mf necro young man!

ps dont forget a might merc! mine wears tals hat,duriels shell and eth hone sudan


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Well after long time of thinking yes i thouht I make summon necro! Skills would be max skelles, Max mastery, (dunno if this is needed to max) Max summon resist, 10+ clay golem, 10 + golem mastery and 10+ amplify!

And i though i would use might merc too, gonna equip him with perf ed bonehew with nice jewels + shaft + gaze! Gonna use one annihilus charm too for skill res and stats!

Well i think this could work just fine cleaning the pit! And i think he would find some stuff too with 400+ mf!

If not and if my army kills just fine i would make a big scryfice and equip him with mean mf! 700 easy, res will suck but with skellies im not in any greate danger right ?


Mad Mantis

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Don't max Summon Resist. More than a total of 7 points is a waste. Also the points in Clay Golem and Golem Mastery are a bit of a waste. With some +skills he is very survivable with only one point. And why do you do 10+ Amp? You need but one point. Better throw in some CE.


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if u want to do just mfing the pit i have had a lot of fun with a necro like this

max RS
max SM
max CE
max amp

1 in the AI curses, 1 in decrepify. 1 in revive and 1 in bone armor, this build is done at lvl 83 and u can do the runs fast.

with max amp u curse less saveing time, with max CE u kill more in less casting, often u can amp the mob soon after u have a body then 1 or 2 CE has wiped out the area and move on. mfing is all about doing runs the fastest and imo this build will do that

hope this helps, glhf on mfing :D


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I also use a summoner necro to find my other chars gear in the pits. Hes the best mfer ive ever had.
my skills are max mastery/raise skellie/and mage (tho i regret the mage) 1 or 2 in golems and golem mastery (i use fire he does ok in solo but i usualy have to recast often) i use decrep of about lvl 14 with + skills and same lvl corpse explode i am currently lvl 84 and use a 1 isted alibaba, 3 sock top helm, 4 sock top armor,mana rings,mf ammy,and a lidless with mf gloves and boots, and a goldwrap
merc uses a 4 top armor, 2 top helm, and a tomb reaver
(hes might btw also lvl 84)
only thing i have ever traded for is the alibaba without the ist (hellforge was good to me 8P)
i kill easy in the pits and find a elite unique about every 3 runs