Help with lite jav ama


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Help with lite jav ama

Hi guys :)
well guys im pretty noob with java...
had some kickass fire sorc doing 40k dmg till now

well I dunno really what to upgrade
i want a Lightnin Fury ama

can u plz speak in numbers?

what should i upgrade exactly...

(like 20 there 4 here and so on...)

plz i need like explnation about how spending my 90 points exactly


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Man, I'd love to help you but you are gonna have to provide a little more info.

Is this gonna be PvM or PvP?

What gear will you be using?

What merc (if any) do you want to use? How will it be equipped?

All of these questions should be answered as they could effect how you spend your skill points.

For example- let's say you want to use 'Peace' runeword armor. Then you probably won't put a ton of points into Valkyrie, but rather decoy instead.
Or maybe you don't want to use a Valk at all- then your points would go elsewhere entirely.
The only thing that is certain is that if you're gonna be using LF as your main skill, then you're gonna want maxed LF & synergies, and a whole bunch of pierce - maxed probably.

Try to give a little more info on the rest of the build if you can.


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weeelll ill probably use Nig 4 armor
but i dont know what gir to use really

what do u think is better...
iwant a valkyre on my side so...

i thought about titans

somfin like that


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well they'r all nice
but i need numbers..
there are no numbers there
i need u to tell me how much
vit/dex/str to upgrade

and what skills to upgrade and how much (exact numbers)

this all diablo is about numbers so what is the perferd combination u think?


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errrr pick out all ur the str/dex req, then everything into vit

for skills, im pretty sure any decent guide will go over what each skill is and why you would or would not want to max it. Skills are very much based on preference. If there was a best combination of skills then everyone woul dhave the same build.