help with inmune on classic


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help with inmune on classic

i've been playing a cl/fo sorc as my first 1.10 char, i have no problems going thru normal and nigthmare, only one ligthning/cold inmune and i manage to killed it. But since i reach hell, like a week ago, i have found like 10 of these dual inmune.
It's rather frustrating to run away from a monster, but I find no way to kill them. I tried the mercenaries (rogues) but they suck, even if i try to tank for them.
My skills are currently
CL 20
FO 14
LM 15 and
ES 1

Am I doomed to run like a coward?? Any idea would be appreciated.

PS: I'm new to this forum, I've been lurking around for a like a week, and this is my second post.
I live in Paraguay (try and find it on the world map), am 23 years old, and college student (So I play mostly on weekends).


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You would probably be better off using either an act2 or act5 merc since you're a sorc. Act 2 might mercs can dish out some pretty mean dmg but the act 5 barbs are a bit sturdier I think. So my advice is to get one of those two and level them up. Hope this helps


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Hmm I'm not sure how merc work in classic but go back to Nightmare and hire the act 2 offensive mercenary. You will have to level him up a lot but I don't know of many other solutions. Maybe someone else can help you more


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If I remember right, Mercenaries cannot be taken to different acts, cannot be given equiptment, and basically suck in classic. You can't even give them pots. :xx:


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Yeah they are jack crap... I would (if I needed to use that sorceress) enchant her and go melee with a nice bow, like kuko or something. Physical damage with some extra attack rating.


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Mercs are truly and completely useless in classic. The act 2 guys don't have auras, too. :p

And... kuko is an expansion bow. There's no excep uniques in classic. :uhhuh:

Sorry man, but i believe you're destined to be running for your life. Such is classic, and sometimes 07 and 08 too. That's why you have teleport. :D

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Ooof! Classic 1.10, no less. IMHO, classic peaked out at version 1.06. Anything after that was to keep the classic realms up-to-date with the expansion players.

If you really want to do classic, I'd suggest that you downgrade to 1.06 or below. I think that cold mastery will defeat cold immunes in that difficulty. You can also gamble some useful uniques like frostburns and the coveted stone of jordan.

I had great fun with a jabbing spearazon last year, but WW lance barbs are probably the most popular.

Don't give up hope, but do give up that version!!