Help with Hammerdin


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Help with Hammerdin

I am a Hammerdin with a Insight Merc. I ran into a couple of probs tho. My first prob was when I tried to do my first organ run. I manage to kill uber Duriel really easily. But Lillith and Uber Izual was another story.

Although my hammers were hitting Uber Izual, he healed back too fast for me to do anything. Does anyone know why this happened?

Lillith was another story all together. I teleported to her and her poison owned me. I have 75% poison resist too. Should I just bring a Stack of Full Rejuv for Lillith or is there another way around it.

I searched the forums for both of these but I wasn't able to find info about how a hammerdin can take care of Lillith or what is up with Uber Izual.

My second problem is my Insight Merc. I found a non eth cv 4os and I was tired fo looking for an eth one so I made one in it. This is working out fine. But my merc dies so fast. I am using an Andy Visage and a Guardian Angel. He has perfect Poison resist wtih this but 54% lite and cold and 24% of fire. I was thinking about uming my andy or gangel and using a Ral on the other. Is this a good idea.

I will give some background on what I usually run. I usually do pit, andy, meph, frigid, glacial, drifter, and halls very well. But my merc dies when I run trav, chaos, and baal. In chaos, Iron maiden and Venom Lords is what kills him and during baal, he dies against the council members and Venom Lords.

Does any one think I shoudl um and ral my gangel and andy or should I try something entirely different. I thank you for your suggestions.


try get fortitude instead of guardy,and the insight non eth is bad because of dmg,if you're using inisght for the aura then the non eth cv should be no problem.