help with good cs zon build


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help with good cs zon build

hi, im thinking about making a cs zon. i'vs failed many times already lol. i have the items already (i think so). well here are my items.
*near perfect griffions with 5/5 lite die facet
*engima (i dunno if i should use engima or coh)
*jewelers ward of deflecting (WOOT with 4x 5/5 lite facets
*2+ jav skills/20 ias/ etc/ rare gloves
*treks boots
*197 ed, eth titans
**i need help with putting skills** i dunno what to put skills in =/ please help =]


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One of the most important things I'd imagine for a CS zon is attack speed. The IAS breakpoints for a Zon's normal attack (what CS uses) are:

6% - 13 frames
16% - 12 frames
30% - 11 frames
52% - 10 frames
89% - 9 frames

So with the gloves being your only source of IAS, you will only hit the 12 frame breakpoint.


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gloves are fine..
if you get the chance. i would try finding magical javs.. with the right ones they can be much better htan titans and t strokes. something liek.. 3-4+ matri javs of quickness. ive actually seen ones with +7 to java skills.

if you manage to get 40% ias from your gloves + weap.. slap on a highlrods so you can hit the 52% bp. speed is > 500 more damage you sacrifice from switching from highlords to maras. :p.

also. enigma is better than coh. of course you us a 20/20 so i dont know what your resists are.. but when i used stormsehild.. i easily had max resist. the teleportation is invaluable.

also if your nota damage freak.. stick with stormsheild. or else barbs and pallies will rip you apart. if you need resist and you decide to stick with your 20.20.. consider 60resist/60 ias jewelers ___ of the whale. expensive as HELL but so sexy. :O


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thx =]

thx guys! lol i'll get working asap, i do have another jewers with 80/60 =P but my bowazon is using. i have her with eth titans and her ias hit the breaking point =D 80/30 coa,80/60 jeweler's armor,10 ias in that belt (watever the name is), highlords 20 ias,matri faith bow,20 ias with kb gloves, :D i love her jab :lol:


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just remember that when dueling cs vrs cs.. tgods + higher ias is usually the winner.


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don't put any into valkyrie :/ its a waste of a skill point for pvp unless your gonna max it.

decoy does indeed have its advantages in dueling. I have used it effectively against almost everyone that didn't have maphack

slow missile is godly vs light sorcs, fire sorcs, and necros

dodge, avoid, evade = 1 point each.... +skill stuff helps

Use crafted gloves with knockback for your lightning fury. +2 to passive/magic is preferable but + to jav/spear skills will help too.

Twitchthroe (upped) is my choice among armors because it gives much needed IAS and extra blocking% (you won't need much dex to get 75%) combined with cat's eye and gloves with 20% ias will give you the IAS needed to hit BP and if you do not hit it, any crappy cs zon will kill you in a cs battle (my godly cs zon was kilt by a lower level cs zon that had 3 ias jewels in a griz armor and other near-useless items).

I always keep in my stash: Kira's helm socketed with a 15% ias jewel in it just in case I need to switch armor to vipermagi for massive resists vs super elemental damage.

If you don't want to use kira's but still need the ias, Thunderstroke has 15% ias built into it and some -resists but will only add to javeline/spear skills and not passives.

Try and keep a few passive gc's in your inventory. The extra dodging will help.


Also stormshield does add some damage reduction and you will need them vs windy druids and barbarians.
You will not be able to take on every situation effectively. It is always good to have stuff in the stash to effect the outcome of duels.

VS high physical damage, good resists are worthless but damage reduction is super to have

VS high elemental damage, good resists will help out a hella lot but it is very hard to have the kind of resists you need while still keeping your damage to peak performance which is okay considering almost everything that does high elemental damage is also very weak on hitpoints. Exceptions: that swifty teleporting armageddon druid and aura/chargadins (gotta chase 'em down before the auras do severe damage).


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cats eye>>highlords ~~ you wont get an extra bolt anyway, and 30run/25dex>>>1skill

using enigma, griff, thundergod(or mav), catseye, 3jav/20iasglove, ravenfrost and bul myself. think im using cowking boots now but i planned on swapping that with natalyas boots(or sands, dunno yet ;x). using sanctuary shield atm ~.~ and have choice between 3java/40ias javas and titans

frw on java=king imo if you want to catch anything, enigma tele is so slow -_-