Help with FireClaws/summoner?


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Help with FireClaws/summoner?

Hello, I want to build a druid, so i've been searching the forum for the past couple hours, and i had an idea that i wanted to run by you guys and hopefully get some feedback on it.

How does this skill plan look to you/how do you think it would be?

lycanthropy-rest of points??
prereqs(feral rage,maul,WW,WB, all the summon prereqs)-8 if i counted right
shockwave-1?(if i use werebear)

Im not sure which would be a better were-form, bear or wolf(i was guessing werebear, cause i could use shockwave) but im not sure on this part.

I would be using a "Stone" armor for the molten boulder synergy.

Do you think that this would work in hell? Would i be able to kill things effectivly? And what would you suggest for equipment?(im not super rich, so no enigma/botd type stuff, but i can get some decent stuff when needed)

thanks for any help, if i worded this any of this weird, pls tell me and ill try to explain it better.

thanks again


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That could work pretty well. I'd definitely do a Werebear, with a 6-Shael Phase Blade for super fast Fire Claws (or 4 Shael and 2 IAS jewels).

Is this for PvM only?


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Yossarian said:
Earthshifter could also further syn the fire claws.
If you go with Earthshifter, which is kind of slow attackwise, make sure to get a +1-3 armageddon on your pelt. Having a slvl 10+ armageddon with over 40 in synergies will result in a powerful staffmod.

Well over 1400 damage while your attacking in melee.


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Which weapon would you guys choose, a 6 shaeled phase blade(super fast) or a earthifter(slow but more powerful), or maybe something else? I was going to just try them both to see which i liked better, but since one requires lots of dex and no str, and the other requires lots of str and no dex, i dont think that's going to work.

Also, what are good mods to look for on equipment? since ive never played a fireclaws type druid before.

thanks again for the input


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heres what Id do

20 fire storm

20 boulder

20 fissure

20 fire claws

left overs- lycanthropy

i have another bear that has lvl 1 lycanthropy and his synergies and pumped

if u wanna see him im on uswest ladder /w *ursus


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Hi all, can anyone tell me a 4-shaeled griz caddy or 4-shael & 2 x IAS/ed pb for fireclaw bear. thx in advance :)