Help with Faith MB bowazon


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Help with Faith MB bowazon

I just made a perfect Faith MB 345% ed and I want to make a build for it. I have been reading up on the guides but I still have a few questions.

Gear wise:
Bow - Faith MB
Armor - Fort
Helm - Can't decide here
Gloves - LOH
Ammy - Thinking Atma's
Rings - Raven, ml ring depending on helm
Boots - Lot of debate between gores and wt which is better for a faith mb?
Belt - Can't decide
Switch - Harmony

Merc wise I will gear him after I get zon done and try to get him Pride.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: Help with Faith MB bowazon

belt is easy, razortail

gores or wt is a tossup, really....depends if you use either Strafe or MS more or less often than the other, and what your gear and stats are, and if you care about the extra FRW or MF. The difference is usually trivial compared to the difference between Travs or Gores and, say, Sanders boots or Waterwalks, though.

You can go Andy's for the helm for LL, or Giant Skull for KB and CB and an extra socket. You'll need LL somewhere, of course, if you go GS, which probably means dual leech ring.