Help with bowazon


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Help with bowazon

I decided to make my very first bowazon. Eventhough she wont be elite in pvp that is still what I intend to make of her. Seing how I found a goth bow yesterday:
Havoc Stinger
Gothic Bow
Dmg 22-116

+10% IAS
+124% ED
+4 Max dmg
+75 AR
+1 cold dmg
+24% CR

So the thing is I could use some input regarding gear + stat + skill choices.

This is what I had in mind for the gear:
Goth bow ofc
death combo?
Angelic combo?
Rare 30frw dual res 30% boots
howltusk for helm giving knockback?

I can see that resist will be a problem on this char but the thing is i'll mostly be pwning my friends *** :azn: He isnt very good but plays rather much and he told me that NO-ONE could make a good bowazon to kill his chars.. I for one know that is not the case seing how he cant even afford a shard hehe..

Skills Im thinking along the lines of guided arrow + strafe but im not sure what to do with the stat points.

HEEEELP me make this bowazon as effective as possible :thumbsup:


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My lvl 67 PVP ama use:

95 Str
All Dex
75 Vita, she has 484 life, it will be around 500ish later on as shes lvl 67.
No mana

My reasinging for this is, I want my Ama to be doing dmg, not tanking. Sounds easy enough ;) Anyway, thats why her stats are as they are.

11/12/10 Dodge/Evade/Avoid with items. She uses a +1 Amu and a +2 bow. I would say having a higher Avoid is more important than the other 2, so If I was remaking I'd probably put more points into it, but shes only lvl 67 like I say.

I'm spending points on Critical Strike and Penetrate at the moment, for the double damage and the AR. I'd like to max them.

Bow skills are Guided Arrow max and Strafe lvl 1, because I don't like 'leeching' or using MS.

She has Deaths Combo, but for lvling I'd like to try Sigons Gloves and Belt (Sigons because they are nice and to get +10 Str). This will let me take of my twitch so I can wear RCage and GoblinToes for crushing blow. Just for messing about pvm though. I'd like to try that anyway. Oh, and she will look awesome with a Bone Helm. Twitch, Deaths (for the CBF), some Blue +9 min dmg rings, Duskeep, Fast boots, and a helm with +Life and/or Res should be easy enough to find and should let you have some fun with a PVP bowazon. By the way, the Duskeep's +8 Max dmg can add a lot more than you think when you have max Guided Arrow.

Rings and amulets are important for a PVP Bowazon. I am still looking for certain rings, but I usually use 2 rings that give me Res, Dex, Life and AR. I thinking that VS barbs angelics might be a better option. Also, look for rings that give Min and Max dmg, preferably Min dmg. Adjust your rings/Amus accordingly. This is soemthing I have learnt CAN make a big difference.

Another thing, Bowas are weak now. Theres not really any way around it. But I might try experimenting with different equipment WHILE dueling to wear tougher opponents down, depending on if they are annoying me and I want to go to greater lengths to kill them. I run through rocks outside act1 town so barbs find it harder to ww me. As such, duels can take a long time, or untill I make a single mistake...
I have tried shooting a few GA's at barbs with clegs then changing back to Deaths. I would also like to try switching between a 6 PEmerald bow and seeing the effect it has, as well as switching between Goblin toes and BoneFlesh at some point.

But like I say, that would be desparate. But it'd be fun :)

Hope this has helped.


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I have a 6 emerald gothic bow which I was also interested in testing out. I tried it on my friends (crappy) lvl 30 bowazon and it can't kill nm creatures with the bow.


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It's a shame that this game has come to a stage where Bowazons are useless even with the best gear about. I don't want Bow amas to be godly, like you may say some Hammerdins and sorcs are and yes I do know why they have been made the way they are, but surely there is a compromise? surely this was playtested before the patch was released.

I think something should be done specially for Classic somehow for the last patch. Something that makes all, or at least most, character types viable, some more than others perhaps.

Blizzard has ruined my favourite class.