Help With Blizz Sorc.

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Help With Blizz Sorc.

Ok I have a blizzarrd sorc that wears.

2 Sojs
War Travs
Snow Clash
Mage Fists

I Seem to get owned by all other sorcs because I dont have enough resistances. I was thinking should i maybe wear a Kiras instead of NightWing or should I use Wiz Spike over Hoto?


Yup, its about the way you play. Consult a guide on strategies.

Most pubby light/fire sorcs will simply spam the hell out of their main attack spells, and generally play like idiots, use that to your advantage, tele around in random patterns and just go straight for them and blizz- when you have a good opportunity. If you have a good enough dmg and mastery you should get an almost instant kill.


1) Why War Travs for pvp? Why not use something like Silkweaves for more mana or Waterwalk for more life?

2) Your probably getting owned because Fire sorcs are casting 2 frames faster than you and Light sorcs are casting 1 frame faster. At most you have 95% fcr (depends on your spirit), and the breakpoint is 105%. I suggest using a fcr ring, or switching to arachs. That will make it much easier to keep up in teleporting for you.

3) From your gear things should be okay.. Hoto (35) + Mara (25) + CoH (65) + Spirit (35 -fire) + Quest (30). So through this all except your fire resist should be maxed in hell. Just use some 11% fire sc's, or a bunch of 5% res all sc's.


You shouldn't have to rely on gear to beat someone. If they beat you, you should think "Hmm, I need practice" not "Hmm, I need better gear".


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Just a minor question... is resists even needed for a blizz sorc? I might switch off CoH for p blizz ormus and, instead of maras, use my godly rare ammy with +2 cold, 27 strength, 60 life, 9 mana, 9% damage to mana. Im sure my resists will be around 0.