help with assassin stats


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help with assassin stats

im making my first hc assassin, a trapper. i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips as to what base attributes i will need? to equip good trapper gear?
im guessing most will be in vitality since its HC, and none in energy. but what about str and dex?


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Re: help with assassin stats

minimum str for your gear
dex only if you want a max block weapon/shield build
everything you can spare into vita
nothing in energy

Its a good idea to have your gear planned out before you stat your character, if you dont have your gear just get stats for whatever equipment you think you'll use and remake for better stats when you get better gear.
A well built trapper will have close to base if not base str/dex, all vita. Only reason to not go pure vita is if you want w/s maxblock build, or if you dont have gear to ready beforehand.

edit: this is assuming you have a trapper build in mind with enigma/torch/anni for that +str boost already ready. If you dont have these items and want to build an untwinked trapper you'll probably need to stat str and rebuild later.