Help with a newbie HCer


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Help with a newbie HCer

Well, 2 of my friends now have moved to Hardcore West, taking a break from SC, I was wondering what character I could use to become wealthy etc. without goin cookie cutter such as Fishymancer/Sorceress, because I tryed em both and I failed both times. I've seen new people at ladder go to 99 with Windies, Light trappers, BARBS!?, and hammerdins. I may try a hammerdin but I'm not used to em without tele and maggot lair will pose a problem.

What about windys and trappers. Those seem pretty good, and does Hardcore have an actual guide thread for HC specific? Yeah most of you wont read the post, just say "Use the Search ftw!" but I did and found nothing that jumped out at me.

All item/build/character selections are accepted.


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There is an HC Faq stickied right at the top of this forum. You can always search with your eye's as a method of enhancing the search function.

Trappers are generally considered the number 1 HC starting character (behind Necro's actually, but you don't want Necro's). They get all their damage from skills, so gear can be shopped and found.

Hammeradins are also a pretty solid untwinked starting character. If the only reason you aren't making one is because of the Maggot Layer, that's silly (excuse my rudeness). Just get a friend to help you with that part. You only have to go there 3 times after all, and you will probably be rushed through norm, so now your down to 2 times. Again, all their damage comes from skills rather then items, so you can shop +mana crap and find FCR crap.

Barbs are probably not a good starting character. They generally require gear. You can however probably trade for the IK set in a couple weeks with the gear and Pgems you collect with your starting character.

Windys, well I don't like windy's myself so I wont comment on them, but apparently they are decent starters also.

LF Javazon's are a pretty decent character for starting to farm some charms and Pgems from the NM cows also. All you need is 20 points in LF and a couple of stacks of (cracked) Javalin's to begin making profit. Definitely a good idea if you want charms to put on your other character.

I recommend the Trapper myself. Run Eldrich, and Shenk, and the Pits with her while you run NM cows with the Javazon and you should have a decent stepping stone to build an MF sorc, which is what you will need to make in the end if you want to become rich.

Oh, and read the HC FAQ by the way. It's got some pretty helpful stuff in it.

It's a shame to hear about your first loss to TPPK, be stong and rebuid, next time avoid public baals (this is in advance to your "omg I got TPPK'ed" post).

Good luck and Welcome to HC!


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i think barbs are better because of initial higher stats. the gear is a problem - which whould require pre-fiting him with a good setup.. if you dont have alot of good barb gear...

A Pally whould work - some of the low lvl auras will help you, and they dont require to much Skill to build the basic - if you want to go high lvl (which is what we "try" to do in HC) then go for hammerdin build - its pretty cheap, so if you die - its not a total loss.


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"It's a shame to hear about your first loss to TPPK, be stong and rebuid, next time avoid public baals (this is in advance to your "omg I got TPPK'ed" post)."



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I was wondering what character I could use to become wealthy etc.
Trapsins are awesome.

Once you have your LS traps powerful enough to really kill and you have enough mana to use lots of traps they are easy up till NM Baal runs and Hell.

Focus on your LS traps and get insight merc or a huge mana pool with fast regen and your set. With insight and increased mana pool from charms and rings you can cover the whole game with traps. You will really cook with your LS.

The basic strategy is to lay your traps off screen or to shoot around corners. You watch your traps and don't move forwards until they stop firing. Lay more if they burn out before stopping. Once the stop, move forwards to the traps and lay more on the edge of the screen in the direction your traveling. If you take your time you only see the bodies most of the time.

In NM Baal runs and Hell you run into light immunes and you really need either infinity to contine playing with this technique. The alternative is to use fire traps, martial arts or your merc and SM and you have to drastically change how you play. I like infinity.