Help with a HolyFreeze/HolyShock zealot


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Help with a HolyFreeze/HolyShock zealot

I'm tryin it out, and i was wonderin if i can get some pointers for it. My skills are planned as:
1 Zeal
20 Holy Shock
20 Holy Freeze
20 Resist Lightning (synergy for Holy Shock)
20 Resist Cold (synergy for Holy Freeze)
20 Salvation (synergy for both)

My gear is going to be
2 Sojs
Offensive aura ammy
*Not sure for weapon, boots, belt, gloves*

I was just wonderin if anyone could help me wit my gear, my skills, and my stats, cuz i have no idea where to put them. Thx in advance.


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Some ideas:
1) Use Holy Shield. It really helps. 7k defense is much better than 2k. And you'll use low-defense armor (Enigma). 15 Salvation and 1 Holy Shield maybe or 16 Res Light, 19 Salvation, 1 Holy Shield.
2) Why 2 Sojs? Where would you get Cannot Be Frozen from? Think about Ravenfrost and maybe Dwarf Star/Bul-Kathos ring, maybe mana steal+resists rare. Remember you need at least some mana steal.
3) Decide if you go Ignore Target Defense way. If you don't, consider using Lavagout gloves and Ravenfrost.
4) About the weapon - well, I know nothing about ladder/realm runewords, but another than that: Crescent Moon Phase Blade is awesome; Azurewrath is very good, Heaven's Light; cheaper - Zakarum's Hand - slow, but cheap, and ITD; perhaps some rare scepter with ITD, 40%IAS and +skills, damage really doesn't matter much.
5) Lavagout gloves for AR and IAS or Dracul's Grasp if you go ITD and have enough IAS, Laying of hands if you lack resists, or crafted gloves with Crushing Blow
6) Belt - Verdungo's or up'd Goldwrap for MF/IAS
7) Boots - Gore Rider for Crushing Blow, War Travs, rares for resistances, Waterwalk if you want some safety.
Stats - standard: Str enough for gear(and remember Hoz adds some - helps to equip Enigma if you have it with str>89) , Dex - max block, I think ~110 is good if you use Holy Shield, use a block calculator somewhere, Vit - all other, Enr - none.

I hope this helps :)


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I dun know abt HolyShock, but for HolyFreeze zealot, u need CB to be efficient.

Since u will be getting skill points from shako, enigma, Hoz, rings/amu, u can go with 1 in zeal n yet get 5 attacks.

Go for HolyShield, max it for defence, and u need less dex for max block.
The guy above is right, u dun need soj, get raven and wedding band, for CBF and +1skill/life. Use Gore for its CB, the other gears u can decide urself... u can do it

For weapon, Stormlash is a good choice, the static on it helps in reducing enemies life.