Help with 1.11


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Help with 1.11

Hi everyone,

I am not new to the world of Diablo 2, having played it in the past, but after a long break I am back and have patched to 1.11b.

I started up a druid and have noticed 3 things:

- magical item drop rates seem much much lower now
- rare drops are pretty much guarenteed off bosses (first kill at least).
- I seem to miss alot when attacking, even though his chance to hit is 85%+ on most monsters.

The third item in the list above is the real annoying one. Playing a fury druid who is now 26 with Werewolf almost capped, i have a good amount of AR. Why is it then that he seems to miss so much? Have the mechanics changed in version 1.10 or 1.11?

If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated. I just hit Act 5 Normal and the miss rate is driving me crazy, not to mention the strain on my energy consumption with no mana leech. I only play single player, cos Battle.Net lag drives me crazy.


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MF hasn't changed since 1.09, except that there were no special first drops for bosses back then.

Monsters can block as well and some are quite good at that. I'm not sure about the blocking rates in 1.09, perhaps they got improved in 1.10.