Help was tricked!


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Help was tricked!

Hey guys i play on open and came across a game called free items. Now i've joined games like these before and have gotten you know some gold and some legit noobie stuff. Now you may be wondering legit on open yea funny but honestly i do play "fairly" and will make sure i get items that are not hacked or modded or whatever. The reason why i like open is because of the fact that i can play offline (which is the majority of what i do) and online when i feel like it. But anyways i joined this game "free items" thought cool free charms on the ground i picked one up and was immediatley turned into a black werebear was immobile (couldn't move) use anything from my inventory, use spells, talk to people or use potions. So finally i had to install hero editor just to get that blasted ruin out of my inventory it worked! Problem is shortly after my game became laggy are there any fixes to this without deleteing my characters?


Re: Help was tricked!

We don't offer help with hacks...period.

you always take the risk of running into something nasty when playing in open, and since you used an editor...we can't help you.

Suggest uninstalling, virus scanning scrubbing your PC with soap and all that and then reinstalling and starting over.


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Re: Help was tricked!

Assuming you're being truthful, which is a tad hard, your post basically makes little sense.

Open Bnet is generally associated with edited items as most single players who want to play on-line usually arrange their own games and not join random ones.

I find it hard to believe you make sure items you get on bnet aren't modded or hacked - as there's really no way to guarantee an item that isn't self found wasn't created/modified in an editor.

I can't fathom any way a charm by itself would turn you into a wearbear just on pickup. It makes no sense.

However, if you're experiencing problems, it's far more likely that when browsing for that editor (or perhaps previous browsing for something else) you ended up visiting a malicious site which infected you, or installed infected software.

As the respectable admin suggested, you're looking at some virus scanning to say the least ;)


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Re: Help was tricked!

Actually, SeCKSEgai, a charm that turns you into a werebear makes a lot of sense in the context of open I came into some weird stuff there, including a charm that can turn you into diablo and let you use his skills, as well as spawning D-Clone (allied to you though) in place of a monster you've killed.

I can't imagine a charm infecting your computer on pick up since it's an internal script and I'm pretty sure Diablo doesn't contain an underlying decoder for viruses. I believe the charm basically contained something that Diablo couldn't process and crashed it due to lack of error handling I guess >.>

The most likely culprit is a phony hero editor. A lot of times if you have an anti-virus and you get infected, you have a slight chance of getting out clean, but once you get infected and you don't have anything already on your system, chances are you won't be able to do anything (except plugging your hard drive into a different computer and disinfecting it there, but even I consider that hardcore XD). That's assuming you have a virus; perhaps, it's only Diablo coughing up.