HELP W/Fire Druid build


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HELP W/Fire Druid build

I'm trying to build my first ever druid and need help!

Until a few days ago I had been relying on the Compendium guides for information.
When I try to go to the compendium now I can't find any guides at all for druid builds and I've tired every link on the page. Here's what I get now: a blank page that reads "no contents".

I've searched the strategy forum here for a similar guide but didn't find anything that looked like the one I had been using.

Right now I have arctic blast on the left click and volcano on the right click for spell casting. I summon up ravens, grizzly, oak sage, poison creeper to slow down & keep monsters from hitting me, which seems to work pretty well.
I use an act 2 defensive merc w/holy freeze.

The guide I had been going by was called the Geomancer (?) pvm druid. I have just maxed volcano per the guide and can't remember what the next skill/synergy for volcano is to begin putting points into.

I don't really want to proceed for fear of screwing up this build which I have put hours of time into so here's where I need your help.
This is where my druid is right now:
Level 41

skill points as of now:
arctic blast- 10
volcano- MAXED
fissure- 1
molten boulder- 1
cyclone armor-1
oak sage-2
poison creeper-1
carrion vine-1
solar creeper-1
spirit wolf-1
dire wolf-3

Ok, I THINK the next skill to start maxing was fissure per the guide but am not completely sure. I know it's a synergy to volcano but so are the other fire skills.

Also, should I put any points into armagedon? I read one post that it was not really that useful and only for show.

I put 1 point into hurricane b/c I read somewhere it deals out a good amount of dmg and comes in handy when you are up against fire immunes...which leads into my next question of how many points and when to put into arctic blast?

Arctic blast is a great spell, I find it very useful to for helping my merc and summoned critters alive but it is very slow at killing anything on it's own. It helps too because there is a huge delay when casting volcano it seems so I blast them first with cold and then hit volcano. This is working right now in nightmare but don't know how well it will do in hell....?

I would appreciate it if someone can give me a NEW guide I can follow for this type of build.:thankyou:
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