Help updating the trade values on SCUSEast Ladder


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Hey guys,

I was looking at the trade values references for D2 items and some of them look to be out of date. I only play on USEast SC Ladder atm and I was wanting to get started on helping get those up to date for v 1.14 and was wondering where I would get started.

First off, is this even anything that I can do or is this something reserved for someone more of in the moderator role? I don't want to step on any toes here and I am pretty new to the forums so i understand any skepticism.

If i can start contributing, I was wondering where to pull the data for actual trades from? Is it something where I log in to the game and browse the bnet postings for trades? Are there any external sites that are not linked to bots or hacking that are good references for up to date trading values? Is this something where I need to find a list of reputable forum members and gather their successful trade data?

I was thinking of using the same templates that are already in place and just updating the values with what is actually going for trades currently.

Is this even worthwhile or is D2 just not active enough for this to be useful?

Anyone else looking to contribute who might want to help with an effort like this?